Plane and Simple.

Chris Lylez Urban Logo T.

Chris Lylez Urban Logo T.


Established in 2014, our core values involve curating meticulously designed, aviation-based, wonderfully hand crafted, apparel and accessories that are always beautifully packaged, always limited edition, and always made in the United States of America.

While manufactured, designed, and crafted in America, each piece possesses a quality that will transport the buyer to an international location.

SouLAir is not a brand name. It's a destination.


SouLAir was founded with one goal in mind, sophistication through simplicity. That's the inspiration behind our "Plane and Simple" slogan. Our products are always packaged in highly sophisticated and intricate packaging that makes each piece feel like it's one of a kind. In regards to the actual merchandise, each piece will have extremely detailed parts that will likely only be appreciated by the wearer as the merchandise will look simple and familiar on the outside.

Each and every product that we sell will contain hand crafted elements. All of the hand crafted elements are done in Manhattan, in New York City, at an independently owned brick and mortar tailor shop. Our clothing is also always made in the USA (unless otherwise stated). In fact, even the cotton used to manufacture our apparel is grown in the southern United States (Texas and South Carolina). We work hard to stay transparent in our production process and prefer to support small businesses in the United States over foreign sweatshops.

We believe that the beautiful aviation/ travel themed packaging, combined with high quality, richly detailed products, and our commitment to remaining sweatshop free are what will set us apart.

The Team

SouLAir is a limited liability company wholly owned and operated by Andre Wilburn. Andre is also the lead product designer, web designer, stylist, merchandiser, quality assurance specialist, craftsman, photographer, and brand ambassador. Although it would appear as if SouLAir is in fact a one man army, none of this would be possible without the help of everyone who continues to support the company by believing in his vision, his mission, his art, his passion.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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